Raw King Size Slim Papers


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Choose between RAW Classic/Organic Connoisseur!

Raw King Size Both the RAW Classic/Organic Connoisseur rolling paper is the best option for smokers who like a longer smoke or enjoy rolling their own cones.

The Connoisseur is an all-in-one solution that comes beautifully packed with a RAWified elastic band. This elastic band holds everything together for easy portability and optimal organisation. It’s a hit with smokers!

Raw King Size The Natural Way To Roll

Each product is printed on eco craft paper using a Japanese thermography process. Raw King Size

RAW Organic is created from chlorine-free pure hemp farmed organically and processed in an environmentally sustainable manner. As a result, the paper is a very thin, light tan paper that burns extremely slowly and cleanly. Raw King Size

The colour is substantially lighter and varies based on the shade of the hemp used in manufacture. It features the same patented crisscross run-preventing watermark as RAW Classic.

The flavour of RAW Organic is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. It’s a flavorful smoke that’s best described as natural and light.

RAW paper is manufactured from natural plants with zero burn additives.

Available in Classic & Organic to add to your collection of RAW products!

Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers are a staple in the rolling community and it’s no question why they’re so highly regarded. Raw’s rolling papers are unlike most other papers on the market because they are entirely pure and unprocessed. Made from natural hemp fibers with a hemp-based gum, these all-natural king size rolling papers contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine-whitened) fibers,

so the paper stays a naturally translucent light-brown color and maintains a thinness you can practically see through. Each paper contains Raw’s patented run-preventing watermark that ensures every paper burns slowly and evenly. This unique criss-cross watermark system helps to prevent runs and maintain the smooth even-burning characteristics that make Raw Rolling Papers so famous.

Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers are an all-time classic and the perfect accessory for any smoker that enjoys rolling sizeable joints for group sessions. Each King Size Slim Rolling Paper measures 110mm in length, or approximately 4.33” inches long by 1.65” inches tall/wide. Raw’s “King Slim” measurements are slightly less wide compared to traditional king size papers to eliminate smoking excess amounts of paper.

Completely unbleached, chlorine-free, organic, and vegan-friendly, these papers are a no-brainer. Each booklet contains 32 all-natural rolling papers and each box contains 50 packs when you’re ready to truly step up your rolling game. Snag some Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers today and see for yourself what makes this brand so special!