Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA)


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Royal Flush Nuken, Have you ever stared at a cake that’s just too beautiful to eat?

Well, that’s exactly what the Blue Nuken cannabis strain feels like. This flower is so fantastically tantalizing to look at that you might hesitate to break up its buds and smoke it at first.

But there are other reasons why people might be hesitant about tasting Blue Nuken — its name.

When you say “Nuken,” it might be difficult not to paint the images of war and aggressive explosions in your head — which is probably what you associate the effects of Blue Nuken with.

But contrary to the harsh name,Blue Nuken offers a well-rounded high, although undeniably strong.

Below we cover all details about the Blue Nuken cannabis strain.Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA)

Coming straight from Canada, Blue Nuken is a cross between God Bud and Kiss. This is an indica-dominant strain, so it’s more likely to relax you rather than make you feel like you’ve just had a pre-workout shot. It’s approximately 80% indica and 20% sativa.

Blue Nuken boasts an above-average THC content of 19.8–22% of THC and 0.05% CBD. Considering the low amount of CBD, only experienced users will feel comfortable with this flower. Regardless of experience, the high will be potent, so make sure you have enough tolerance to handle the wealth of THC.Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA)

Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA)

Blue Nuken has a noticeably dense leaf structure in bud form and is known to produce a sticky resin that covers the flower on the outside. The buds are beautiful; they’re big, fat, and clustered, giving Blue Nuken the much-desired “wow” factor. You can also spot some orange pistils here and there between the generous layer of silver trichomes.

Fragrance & Flavors of Blue Nuken

Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA) Blue Nuken is redolent of sweet herbs and spices, with a predominant influence of mint and tea leaves. It’s a highly aromatic strain, with distinct notes of popcorn, which may sound unpleasantly weird but somehow pairs very well with the aforementioned fragrances.


On the inhale, the smoke is mild enough not to make you cough after the first few puffs. In fact, if you keep inhaling steadily, you’re going to get a smooth and clean experience. This heavy smoke has a meaty flavor upon exhale, something like baked chicken topped with lemon zest.

Effects of Blue Nuken

Unlike many indica strains, Blue Nuken is not a creeper. After two hits from a clean bowl, you can feel a mild high than concentrates around your eyebrows, spreading to the rest of the forehead.


Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA) After another few hits, you’re going to experience the full potential of Blue Nuken. You’ll also understand why many Ontario cannabis connoisseurs consider this flower a 5-star strain.

The high lasts incredibly long, boosting appetite to the point where you start craving for massive meals and snacks for a couple of hours after the sesh is over. What’s amazing about Blue Nuken is that the high isn’t depleted once you stop munching.

Ultimately, Blue Nuken allows you to embrace full-body relaxation with a clear head to enjoy a stress-free evening with some me-time or through meet-ups with friends.

Because of its deeply relaxing effects, Blue Nuken is the strain of choice for people suffering from different types of pains and aches — especially for patients with chronic pain.


People also use Blue Nuken to relieve anxiety, depression, or apathy due to its euphoric properties. If you have problems with appetite or suffer from eating disorders, this flower may prove an invaluable source of relief.Royal Flush Nuken Shatter (AAAA)

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