Seaweed Strain


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Seaweed Cannabis Strain

Friendly flower Co. bring you Sea Weed , Medium and smaller well cured nugs with a good. Coating of crystal and the classic seaweed nose.
Seaweed is a well-balanced hybrid strain which originated in Southern California. These smaller yet dense and caked nugs. Are a great daytime smoke as it will not leave you incapacitated.

Users have noted experiences of Euphoria, Creativity, Calm. Pain Relief, Increased Appetite, And Calmness. As the name states. You will notice a mild smell of the sea. For all of you non-seafood lovers out there. do not let this deter you as it taste nothing like the way it smells. Users have noted an earthy, sour, pine taste. Great for daytime use and beginners.

Seaweed Cannabis Strain

Firstly Not a lot is known about the Seaweed cannabis strain. Legend has it that the Seaweed strain was developed in a southern. Oregon cannabis seed lab, However. also this has never been verified by any credible source.kush stock

Secondly What is known about Seaweed hybrid. is that it leans heavy into the sativa spectrum and it has a fairly potent thc percentage. The smell of this bud is very lemony or citrus heavy. with faint undertones of earthy pine, herbs, and spices.
In addition anyone involved in the creative arts. whether it be for business or pleasure, will absolutely adore this strain. After just a couple of hits, you’ll be awash in an ocean of creative energy. even if you are not particularly creative to begin with.
The secondary effects are typically calmness and blissful euphoria

Benefit of Cannabis Hybrid

Furthermore as mentioned above, this is arguably one of the best weed strains for creativity.
If you are a painter, work in a creative arts field. or do any other form of artistic work, then you could end up hooked on this lovely strain.
The creative energy that the bud generates. is accented by a strong calming effect and a peaceful state of euphoria.
In addition due to the fact that the THC level is quite high. the strain will keep you high for a lengthy amount of time. The next time you are in the mood for a creative and productive state of mind. grab a hold of some seaweed and empty canvas, and let the creative serenity wash over you.

In addition This strain can also be used as medicinal marijuana. It is known to help combat fatigue, lethargy. depression, and light to moderate anxiety. It can even work against chronic pain. especially arthritis, lower back pain, and headaches.kush stockcannabis hybrid

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