Smoking White


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Smoking White Papers Smoking is a brand known world wide in the rolling paper industry
and is very popular among beginners and experts!
These Smoking White 1 1/4 rolling papers are made in the classic style,
with a medium burning and medium weight paper.

These papers have a small line of 100% natural Arabic gum and are completely chemical free,
so you get no nasty taste from unwanted chemicals while you enjoy your smoke.
Each pack contains 50 papers so you can continue rolling for a while!

These Smoking White papers in 1 1/4 size are perfect for any tree lover (or tree hugger, we don’t judge) who like to roll their own. These tree free papers are made from flax, which means no trees were used in its manufacture. These medium weights papers are free burning as well, to make sure you get the most out of your sesh. Each pack contains 50 leaves and a full box has 25 packs.


The Smoking brand of rolling papers was created in 1929 and has been a favorite in the roll your own community ever since. Since its opening, the red-colored booklet of rice rolling papers has established itself as an icon for many. In 1998, they released a line of pure hemp papers that are made from 100% hemp fiber, making them some of the most natural rolling papers on the market. See why these papers have lasted so long — give Smoking rolling papers a shot today!
The most popular size and style. Continuing with its tradition of innovation, Miquel y Costas has introduced its newest development: , a new booklet which completes the existing range of medium-size Smoking brand cigarette papers. This medium weight paper is easy rolling cigarettes and even burning. Smoking White is made of 50 leaves of 78 x 44 mm.
It carries an excellent medium weight paper, easily recognizable thanks to its Smoking watermark, the guarantee of its quality. To ensure a perfect and natural rolling, as for all its papers, Miquel y Costas is using 100% natural gum. All these characteristics make Smoking White a reliable slow-burning cigarette paper, perfectly adapted for daily use. (shipping weight 0 lbs)


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