Super Silver Haze


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Super Silver Haze Marijuana

Super Silver Haze, bred by Green House Seeds. As the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Crossing genetics of Skunk, Northern Light. And Haze creates a beautiful, sticky sativa that boasts an energetic. Long-lasting in order words Crossed three timeless strains to create the popular sativa. Breeding Haze and Northern Lights the genetics behind Silver Haze.
“medical marijuana, marijuana legalization. Edibles marijuana.medical marijuana Florida.recreational marijuana states.” with a Skunk variety for something a little more, well, super than the original.

Furthermore Considered one of the highest quality sativas in the world of marijuana. It’s pretty safe to say that has not gone unnoticed. Especially considering that it was awarded first prize at the High Time Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999. “Percy hervin marijuana.medical marijuana registry. Medical marijuana doctors near me.Michigan marijuana.recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana card, marijuana dispensaries near me”.

In addition This three-year-in-a-row champion is still famous, and still highly admired 20 years later. Proving that the scientists over at Seeds truly bred an iconic and legendary marijuana strain that has left a massive. Impact and is still continuing to make waves.
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

Also If you are searching for reefer that’ll leave you focused, uplifted, euphoric, and energetic. Turn towards the sativa masterpiece that is the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain for a pick-me-up that you’ll never forget.

Strains that stand the test of time merit proper respect. Seeing a jar of Super Silver Haze gleaming on a dispensary shelf slapped that sentiment into my. In addition Skull on a gloomy Monday afternoon, just when I needed something to brighten my day.
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If you feel like Super Silver Haze has been around for a while,Oklahoma marijuana, you’re right. The strain rose to popularity in the mid-’90s, reportedly bred by Bruce Bruce Cannabis House. the Dutch breeding company also known for its Strain Hunters web series.Super SilverHaze

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