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Supreme Carts 1g buy supreme carts online buy supreme carts onlineThe Supreme cartridge review was one that many of our followers requested. You can find this vape cartridge can all over the USA.

The actual Supreme brand does not produce these cartridges. This THC oil cartridge is rumored to be produced in LA. I was able to get my hands on a Supreme cartridge and it was better than what we thought.

The distillate oil wasn’t weak and the flavor was enjoyable. Unfortunately, Supreme vape cartridges have been lab tested and failed for being clean of pesticides.

If you go online and do some research, you’ll quickly see that there’s very little information out there about these pre-filled cartridges.

For a start, the brand doesn’t have its own website and that’s a red flag. Even more worryingly, there isn’t any Weedmaps page for these carts.  This cartridge brand is likely street made. There is most likely no actual company and instead, someone produces these carts from their house/garage or whatever.Supreme Carts 1g

Another possibility is legit oil cartridges are dumping their low-quality THC oil which fails for pesticides onto the streets using these brands. None of this sounds promising. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d better try one for ourselves.

buy supreme carts online About The Flavor

After the downside of the independent lab tests, there’s another positive to report here. We enjoyed the taste and flavor of the Supreme cartridge THC oil. Vaping it was a pleasurable experience.

We tried the Tahoe OG strain and we thought it was among the most flavorsome we’ve ever tried. When comparing it with the Tahoe OG cartridge from Brass Knuckles, we preferred the Supreme one.Supreme Carts 1g

Therefore, if a great flavor is essential to you (and it usually is), you’re not going to be disappointed by Supreme vape cartridges.

Of course, just because the oil tastes good doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides do not have an odor or flavor. Vaping pesticides do not change the taste or affect the high, making it not detectable unless lab tested. That’s something you should keep in mind if you’re considering buying the Supreme brand cartridges.Supreme Carts 1g