Temple Tea


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Temple Tea Each tea in our Tea Temple range is carefully selected by our Tasters for its excellent quality and well-rounded flavour.

We recommend you brew in hot water for 3 minutes.

Each box contains 15 Tea Temples of your chosen blend.

Choose from 10 blends:

Containing Egyptian Nile Delta chamomile flowers, our Chamomile Flowers Tea temples produce a delightfully soothing and refreshing drink with a bright yellow liquor that will help you relax. Discover more about the blend here

Drinking our Pure Cuban Peppermint is a great way to refresh oneself and one’s palate. Peppermint is also well-known for being an aid to digestion and is totally free of caffeine. Cuban Peppermint possesses one of the highest oil levels of all peppermint leaves, and it is this oil which gives our peppermint its delightful flavour. Learn more about the blend here

  • English Breakfast Blend Tea

A delightful Large Leaf Blend of Indian and Chinese Teas creating a perfect easy drinking traditional tea. This blend recreates the character and flavour of teas from the Early to Mid 19th Century.

Our Indian Spiced Chai Tea Temples contains authentic spices such as Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger and follows a recipe from Mumbai. Chai is often made with ‘heavy’ milk in India and is served as a restorative drink in many restaurants, on trains and by roadside vendors. Many Indians are surprised at the fuss made by foreigners about Chai, as they see the drink as simply part of day-to-day life! Learn more about our Indian Spice Chai Tea blend here

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Seeds.

  • Jasmine Huang Shan Ya Tea

A delightfully Aromatic Jasmine Tea, Huang Shan Ya means ‘Yellow Mountain’ and relates to the mountain peaks where this delicious green tea is grown.

Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine Flowers

This blend of Lemon and Ginger is very popular in the UK, and uses the best quality Lemons and Ginger root to give you that lovely taste of sunshine and summer. An absolute classic! Discover more about this delicious infusion here

  • Liquorice

Liquorice is widely used as a remedy for stomach disorders, as a bronchial expectorant and as a natural treatment for low blood pressure.

Ingredients: Black tea, liquorice root pieces, liquorice flavouring, purple mallow flowers

  • Red Berry Mix

Very Red Berry… Just as the name suggests, this caffeine-free infusion contains Rosehips, hibiscus flowers, apple, raspberry, orange peel and is flavoured additionally with strawberry oil. Delicious hot or cold and perfect with a salad in the garden! Brew your temple for about two minutes. Find out more about this delicious Red Berry Mix herbal infusion here.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip shells (23%), apple, raspberry pieces (5%), orange peel, Red fruit flavouring, strawberry flavouring.

  • Temple Tea

Our Rooibos is from the Cedarberg Mountains in South Africa, and is a beautifully flavoured, wholesome drink that has NO caffeine and yet will revive and refresh you. Learn more about our blend here

A Keemun tea with Strawberry blossom and natural Strawberry oil. A proper sunshine drink for a proper English Summer! Brew this temple for about two-and-a-half minutes to enjoy its sweet, feminine and gentle flavour. Learn more about the blend here 

Ingredients: Black tea, marigold petals, strawberry flavouring

  • Yunnan Green Tea

Yunnan is one of the best known tea growing areas in China. You will see for yourself why it is famous when you taste this delicious tea! Freshness, zestiness and astringency are all combined in this beautiful example of the Chinese Tea-Makers Art. Brew this tea temple for about 3 minutes in hot, but not boiling water.