White Wookies


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Known for its loud terpene profile and high-THC percentage, buy white wookies strain. strain shop. white wookies online marketplace, on Facebook marketplace.


Happy 74%

Relaxed 51%

Euphoric 40%

Uplifted 33%

Creative 33%

Help with

Stress 37%

Anxiety 28%

Depression 25%

Insomnia 23%

Pain 29%


Headache 1%

Anxious 4%

Dry eyes 4%

Paranoid 2%

Dry mouth 11%

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This strain is awesome. A buddy of mine gifted me a few babies out of what he had and I was able to grow a few last years. It was organic growth and I ended up with an average yield

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Your body feels stony and relaxed while your head is lifted into the land of smiles. Such a happy, fun, chill high. It’s like reggae music in the summer. I may have to go back for more, strain shop.

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This bud is very nice gives me that very pure uplifting high feel I enjoy the relaxing I’m getting from this high. A very nice hybrid from the online marketplace. I love the way you can really taste it at least once you’re dabbing it’s just a straight body feeling of worth, good flavor.

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I found this strain to be helpful during times of anxiety and stress, mainly during the daytime hours when stress is highest yet this strain still allows me to keep a straight head. White wookies on Facebook marketplace are easy to get.