Zig-Zag Orange 1 -1/4


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Zig-Zag Orange 1 -1/4: This order is for 5 packs of ZIG-ZAG and if you receive any less please report it to amazon. Perfection takes time. For over 130 years, Zig-Zag has perfected the craft of making cigarette papers. Our papers are made in France using natural flax plant fibers, which provide strength, fineness and a slow burn. Orange 1 1/4 is our most popular Zig-Zag papers.

It’s an easy rolling, slow burning classic paper. Zig-Zag French Orange Our Classic French Orange papers consist of Natural Flax fibers to provide you with the highest quality, rolling papers available. These Zig Zag Rolling Papers save you time because they come ready to roll so you get the full experience without needing to waste time rolling poor grade papers. These are perfect for people who find it a challenge to hand roll cheap papers as well as for experienced rollers who like to optimize their time.

They are the ultimate convenience in rolling because you only need to roll up with whatever you like to smoke, twist off the end, and light up Watermark Each paper is watermarked with Zig Zags patented watermark, this special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics that Zig Zag is famous for. Zig Zags are a translucent white color and are so thin that you can almost see through them which is why the watermark is important.

Zig-Zag Orange 1 -1/4 Products

promotes an even burn at the beginning, and then less and less intensity required with each puff. This means your first puff will be as strong and efficient as the last Dimensions Each Rolling Paper is 1 ¼ in length. Each Paper can hold up to 2 grams depending on the texture and make of the substance being consumed Quality Zig Zag Rolling Papers are all-natural, unlike competitor brands.

Zig Zag papers use an Arabic gum, Other brands use pure Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (Chemical glue) which is not organic, their glue dries almost instantly. Zig Zag’s products are focused on quality and memorable experiences. Zig-Zag Orange 1 -1/4.